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Inspirational not merely Analytical

Great strategic planning is both inspirational and analytical.  It begins with data-driven linear solutions to the complex challenges facing today’s healthcare systems, but goes on to provide clients with transformational strategies that have the power to fundamentally change their business models.  These strategies are often presented in the form of scenario modeling (or simulations) whereby the impact of varying approaches can be quickly visualized by various stakeholders.

Bold Strategies, Not Tepid Solutions

Great strategic planning is bold…even audacious at times. It requires guts, conviction, impeccable logic, and healthy dose of creativity on the part of the strategist, as well as the client. In a healthcare world defined by continuous quality improvement, Six Sigma, and other iterative change processes, it is the path less travelled. But it is also the path capable of having the greatest impact on a client’s direction. It can impel your organization forward at an unprecedented pace – helping you gain efficiency, improve profitability, bolster market share and achieve stability in the process.

A Broad Scope of Engagements

The Leifer Group delivers an array of healthcare strategic marketing solutions, ranging from:

    • Enterprise-wide Strategic Planning
    • Service-line Planning: Oncology, Cardiovascular, Neuroscience, Women’s Services and Primary Care
    • Environmental Assessments
    • New Market Site Assessments
    • Wellness and Population Health Management Strategies

A Consistent Process

Irrespective of scope, there is tremendous consistency to our process…beginning with a clearly articulated agreement on deliverables, goals, and costs. You will find that we work in tandem with you, as our partner, to assess the situation objectively; leverage your internal resources whenever possible to reduce costs; and provide an objective, untainted perspective to assure transparency and unbiased recommendations.

The Leifer Group Style

A long-term client was fond of saying: “Leifer will tell you what you need to hear, even though it may not be what you want to hear.”  We view that as our obligation…particularly in the resource-constrained world of healthcare. Despite not always being happy with our observations and recommendations, this client trusted us explicitly and worked with our firm for well over a decade. Together, we initiated fundamental changes to the strategic direction of the organization — changes that proved to be highly effective in the long-term.

The Leifer Group Services

The Leifer Group provides strategic planning and strategic marketing consulting services to virtually every segment of the healthcare industry with a particular emphasis on developing measurable growth strategies for health systems and their aligned hospitals.

Strategic Healthcare Consulting

Specializing in developing measurable growth strategies for health systems and their aligned hospitals

Client Testimonials

John Leifer’s insightful analysis, marketplace knowledge and innovative thinking resulted in excellent decision-making and market development. John is an outstanding thinker and leader and I have especially appreciated his integrity in everything he does.

G. Richard Hastings

President & CEO emeritus, Saint Luke's Health System

John Leifer is a thought leader in the healthcare transformation space. A skilled strategist and sound tactician whose engagement assures successful pathways to success.

Roderick Bremby

Former Cabinet Secretary, Kansas Department of Health & Environment

John Leifer has extensive and broad-based experience in healthcare. He has developed an excellent under-standing of how the system works (and doesn’t work), and his keen intellect allows him to quickly grasp the core issues in a given set of circumstances.

Tom Bell

President and CEO, Kansas Hospital Association

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