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Strategic Healthcare Consulting
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About The Leifer Group

The Leifer Group provides an array of strategic services designed to enhance the viability, profitability, and effectiveness of organizations within the healthcare industry. Originally known as “John Leifer Ltd.,” the firm was founded 1982.

Over the past 30 years, The Leifer Group has had the privilege of working with hundreds of healthcare organizations in virtually every state. Though the majority of clients have been hospitals and health systems, we’ve also worked with the diverse stakeholders within the industry, including healthcare IT companies, healthcare associations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurance companies, major physician groups, state and federal governments, and consulting firms.

The Leifer Group is known for constructing comprehensive, data-driven situational analyses that provide a rock-solid foundation for its clients’ planning initiatives as well as bringing truly inspirational strategies to contemplation.

The Leifer Group Services

The Leifer Group provides strategic planning and strategic marketing consulting services to virtually every segment of the healthcare industry with a particular emphasis on developing measurable growth strategies for health systems and their aligned hospitals.

The Leifer Group Mission

We strive to be a catalyst for positive change in the healthcare industry.

Our clients deserve evidence-based counsel and recommendations that are supported by impeccable data and logic. Along with that, we provide thinking that transcends traditional solutions to address the complex challenges confronting healthcare organizations. The Leifer Group delivers data-driven, market-supported strategies that produce the measurable outcomes our clients expect.

We don’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear to achieve your goals and objectives. We do it in a highly collaborative manner rather than giving you just one prescriptive. We listen carefully to our clients’ opinions and considerations and engage them throughout the process.

Client Testimonials

John Leifer’s insightful analysis, marketplace knowledge and innovative thinking resulted in excellent decision-making and market development. John is an outstanding thinker and leader and I have especially appreciated his integrity in everything he does.

G. Richard Hastings

President & CEO emeritus, Saint Luke's Health System

John Leifer is a thought leader in the healthcare transformation space. A skilled strategist and sound tactician whose engagement assures successful pathways to success.

Roderick Bremby

Former Cabinet Secretary, Kansas Department of Health & Environment

John Leifer has extensive and broad-based experience in healthcare. He has developed an excellent under-standing of how the system works (and doesn’t work), and his keen intellect allows him to quickly grasp the core issues in a given set of circumstances.

Tom Bell

President and CEO, Kansas Hospital Association

The Leifer Group Promise

Our promise is to first understand your situation impeccably well—based upon your assessment of the knowledge we’ve gleaned, not ours. Next, we promise to deliver a level of strategic thinking that is not only logical and data-driven, but also innovative, implementable based upon available resources, and has a high probability of success. Finally, our goal is to have a long-term relationship with your organization whereby we are viewed as your trusted advisor. As such, our behavior will consistently reflect this objective.


Strategic Healthcare Consulting

Specializing in developing measurable growth strategies for health systems and their aligned hospitals

The Leifer Group Timeline

Consider a timeline that shows that the firm was founded in 1982 and then present milestone clients and engagements throughout the year that highlight the type of wide-ranging issues and topics that the firm has taken on in the ever-evolving healthcare industry. This would provide more relevant information about the diversity of clients and work that the firm has done and give prospects perspective about the depth and breadth of the type of work the firm had done.


John Leifer, 25, creates John Leifer Ltd., later to become “The Leifer Group.” 


Leifer begins a 30-year relationship with Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City. 


Fortune Magazine identifies The Leifer Group as one of the nation’s boutique strategic marketing firms


The Leifer Group announces the formation of a strategic planning division 


The Leifer Group continues to enjoy a double-digit growth rate 


The Leifer Group launches The Leifer Report, a cutting-edge publication featuring Bill Clinton and other luminary figures 


The Leifer Group becomes part of CBIZ, a NYSE-traded corporation 


John Leifer leaves The Leifer Group to join Saint Luke’s Health System as a Senior Vice President 


John Leifer re-establishes an independent The Leifer Group. 


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