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Affiliation & Network Development

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Affiliation & Network Development

One of the most successful strategies for organizational growth is through the focused expansion of a geographic market. Regional development strategies seek to define a pathway to building strong, vibrant relationships with hospitals and providers in a client’s tertiary service area.

These strategies range from loose affiliations to acquisitions. Some of the most innovative programs do not involve the purchase or construction of new brick & mortar facilities, yet generate significant returns on investment to their hospital sponsors.

Such strategies are built upon the quid pro quo exchange of value in which each partner benefits appropriately through the association, and patients benefit by receiving a higher standard of care and safety previously unavailable in their communities. This objective is achieved through the provision of a variety of services offered by the regional sponsor to potential affiliates on a fair market value basis.

The Leifer Group Services

The Leifer Group provides strategic planning and strategic marketing consulting services to virtually every segment of the healthcare industry with a particular emphasis on developing measurable growth strategies for health systems and their aligned hospitals.

Strategic Healthcare Consulting

Specializing in developing measurable growth strategies for health systems and their aligned hospitals

Client Testimonials

John Leifer’s insightful analysis, marketplace knowledge and innovative thinking resulted in excellent decision-making and market development. John is an outstanding thinker and leader and I have especially appreciated his integrity in everything he does.

G. Richard Hastings

President & CEO emeritus, Saint Luke's Health System

John Leifer is a thought leader in the healthcare transformation space. A skilled strategist and sound tactician whose engagement assures successful pathways to success.

Roderick Bremby

Former Cabinet Secretary, Kansas Department of Health & Environment

John Leifer has extensive and broad-based experience in healthcare. He has developed an excellent under-standing of how the system works (and doesn’t work), and his keen intellect allows him to quickly grasp the core issues in a given set of circumstances.

Tom Bell

President and CEO, Kansas Hospital Association

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