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The Leifer Group Strategic Planning Process

The planning process begins with a precise definition of project objectives, as well as the metrics for success. Based upon these objectives, a data request is fielded to the client to aid in the quantitative portion of the situational analysis. The Leifer Group works closely with the client’s decision support personnel to ensure the data is delivered in a format that makes it most actionable.
Data analysis is the first step in a more detailed Situational Analysis. It provides objective views of key indicators such as financial performance, utilization, and market share. Data is generally trended over three years to reveal patterns that may be of significance.

Situational Analysis

The Situational Analysis continues with a detailed qualitative assessment of organizational views and attitudes toward issues germane to the project. The Leifer Group team conducts extensive on-site interviews, as indicated, to ensure that we capture personal viewpoints on critical issues. When combined with the data-driven, quantitative analysis, a detailed “picture” begins to emerge of the client’s situation and what steps may be required to achieve its objectives.

Strategic Planning

Once we are in agreement on the conclusions drawn from the situational analysis, the planning process can begin in earnest. The process is highly collaborative, with key stakeholders integrated at the very beginning so as to ensure their “buy-in” upon completion of the plan.

Opportunity Assessment

As the plan evolves, a variety of opportunities begin to emerge – requiring discussion, followed by decisions regarding what represents the optimally efficient path to achieving the client’s objectives. Planning sessions are held to focus specifically on these issues as required.

Final Report

A “final” plan is developed and presented in a working session. Any necessary edits are then made by The Leifer Group before a final work product is delivered.


When appropriate, The Leifer Group can be actively involved in implementation alongside the client. Such would often be the case in strategic marketing assignments.