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After I Heard the Words, “It’s Cancer”

As the author of After You Hear It’s Cancer: A Guide to Surviving the Difficult Journey Ahead, I thought I understood the magnitude of the impact of a cancer diagnosis on patients. After all, I had written about it at length – describing that instant when one hears...

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Does a Prayer A Day Keep Illness at Bay?

Research into the impact of religious and spiritual beliefs on our health continues. When we are sick, we rely on our physicians to heal us. And for good reason: they possess the knowledge, tools, drugs, and procedures to conquer many maladies. But not all illnesses...

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What Every Woman Should Know about Prostate Cancer

Become an empowered partner by learning about this common cancer type. If You Are Like Most American Women, chances are you serve as the key decision-maker when it comes to the health of your family— whether it’s       selecting a physician, deciding on treatment...

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Post-Traumatic Growth in Cancer Patients

The Transforming Power of Stress There are few life events that can transform our daily reality more swiftly than a diagnosis of cancer. A once neatly planned future can seemingly evaporate in the wake of an overwhelming existential threat. The degree to which we...

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