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The Myths of Modern Medicine

About the Book

The Myths of Modern Medicine  instantly captures your attention with a provocative, insider’s perspective on the pervasive problems, endemic greed, and myths enshrouding our health care system. John Leifer goes beyond a mere critique, however, by providing consumers with powerful knowledge on how to get the care they need and deserve.

Praise for the Book

  • “A must-read for those of us receiving care, as well as those giving it, The Myths of Modern Medicine  will open every consumer’s eyes and alert providers that we are on to their less-than-stellar practices. This is a must-own book for anyone interested in their health care and those who provide it.”
    Charles B. Inlander
    Consumer Health Advocate
    Best-Selling Author, Commentator and Founding President of the People’s Medical Society
  • “John Leifer’s book identifies and then destroys comfortable, commonly held beliefs about the effectiveness of the US healthcare system. [It is] a provocative must read for anyone interested in improved system outcomes and their own well-being.”
    Roderick L. Bremby
    Former Secretary
    Kansas Department of Health and Environment
  • “Just in the nick of time, John Leifer’s new book, The Myths of Modern Medicine, comes along and identifies not only the foundational myths obscuring the true nature of our health system’s illness but a more pragmatic and less expensive solution…dealing with the real issues. Precisely the book we have long needed. Easy to read, hard to take, but just the treatment we needed and just in time!”
    Richard Hastings
    President and CEO Emeritus
    Saint Luke’s Health System

About the Author

John Leifer worked for more than 30 years with the major factions comprising healthcare delivery in the United States, including some of the nation’s leading hospitals. Most recently, he served as a senior vice president for a 10-hospital system in the Midwest. Leifer founded and published The Leifer Report, a healthcare publication that featured contributors ranging from President Bill Clinton to Newt Gingrich. He has written extensively on healthcare issues and has been published in newspapers and magazines, such as Modern Healthcare, Hospitals & Health Networks, Washington Monthly, and The Kansas City Star. Leifer has, also, been profiled through the years in several prominent magazines, including Money and Fortune.